I’m sure most people viewing this page already know me but for those that don’t here is a brief biography. 

My name is Craig Montgomery and I’m originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in the USA.  I graduated from Putnam City High School in 1993 and the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in Management Information Systems in 1999. 

It took a little longer to graduate because I was working to pay for college and living on my own most of that time. During that time, I was also a non-commissioned officer in the Army National Guard and an Army ROTC cadet at UCO.  

Although I had planned on a career as an Army artillery officer, I started road racing motorcycles in the late 90s and a job offer to go to work for a fellow racer’s startup company took me to Dallas in 2000.  Since that time my life had not changed much and to be honest I didn’t want it to.  

I was happy with the single life, still loved to party, and liked keeping my relationships casual. Aside from a couple of ‘spirited’ relationships I’ve mostly stayed single and never had any kids. Although the idea of kids was starting to grow on me, they usually signified the end of the ‘good old days’ when my friends would have them, so I was on the fence.  

Some days I wanted the suburban family life my friends and neighbors had but most days I was happy with the single life. 

Craig Montgomery

Over the years things improved financially for me.  I paid off my student loan debt, bought a cool house, and had some neat cars/boats/motorcycles and a nice little RV to stay in at my motorcycle races.  I told my friends I’d become that perpetually single guy who dated girls half his age but that never bothered me.  

Although I dated all over the age spectrum the main reason, I would date women younger than me was because women my age (at least the ones in Dallas) viewed motorcycle racing as something irresponsible and most younger girls thought it was cool. It also didn’t hurt that they enjoyed coming to the races with me and weren’t looking for anything serious.  

Motor Races

My career (and I stayed with the same startup company) was in computing and I started online dating long before it was the norm.  It started with regular sites like Match but one day I noticed there was a regular dating section on Craigslist and responded to a couple of ads on there.  

Heck, if you hung out with me you might have met one of these women, but we rarely discussed how we met.  Over time I grew bored with the section and started chatting in the casual encounters or ‘hook up’ section.’  

This resulted in some pretty crazy escapades (I could write a book considering all of the adventures/misadventures I’ve had)  but more than anything it was just a bunch of talk.  I never thought for a second that it would land me in a federal prison with a 20-year sentence but that’s where I’m at this very minute you are reading this.


I had a friend ask me why I’d want to go to the trouble of putting together a web page like this when all this stuff is in the past. The shock has worn off and people don’t even talk about this anymore.  Well maybe this is the past for most, but I wake up to this every day in a jail cell. This is a false conviction and people need to know it. The sad truth is that most people made up their minds about this the minute they heard the charge had the word “child” in it. Even most of the people who support me still keep it on the “down low” because of what other people will think of them for supporting me. I want people to understand what happened in my case and get the facts before they pass judgment on me.  In addition, I want this to be a warning to any guys out there who chat with people online and occasionally hook up.  Don’t ruin your life like I’ve done. The minute the word ‘minor’ is even mentioned, tell that person to screw off. Don’t think you are going to have some benign anonymous conversations and walk away. In addition, my attorney has always suggested that I take this public once all of my appeals are done and I’m taking her advice. Cops are under intense pressure to arrest people these days and they will do whatever it takes to make their quota. Also, be careful about storing a decade’s worth of private conversations on your smartphone as well because mine were taken out of context and they buried me. Lastly, the next time you see someone’s mugshot in a newspaper or online next to some heinous charge don’t always assume what you are reading is the truth.

At The Track

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