My Case

My case is a lot more complicated than what the charge implies. I hope people will read this and see how the law was twisted and the jury misled to win a conviction. For those of you that don’t care to read through my entire website please know this: I’m in prison because I sent a text to a stranger. Someone pretending to be an attractive adult woman asked me to describe HER fantasy and I did. This is why our federal police force has been reduced to a bunch of internet trolls. The following is a statement from my attorney, Heather Barbieri, about my case.

“I strongly feel you should not be in prison because the government chose to create a crime out of nothing. It is also appalling that our government agents have nothing better to do than to sit on Craigslist taunting individuals, and dramatically exaggerating the facts in such a way as to mold a citizen’s actions into a criminal act. It’s pure entrapment, a waste of resources, and an example of corruption in one of the highest forms”.

Heather Barbieri (Barbieri Law Firm)


In April of 2017, I was arrested by the FBI for a charge I had never heard of until I was arrested for it. The federal statute prohibiting ‘online enticement of a minor’ is part of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. On the surface, this sounds like a good idea because it protects kids. However, the way the FBI is using it they are destroying the lives of a lot of ‘real’ people as opposed to the fictitious victims the FBI claims they are saving.

Unless you lived the life I did it might be difficult to see my point of view because of the things discussed on adult dating websites and kinky social media sites. I had a posting in the adult dating or ‘hook up’ section on Craigslist. Craigslist is like a box of chocolates, usually an empty box of chocolates but it was always fun to unwrap and that is what draws most people to these sites. Most of the posts were just free entertainment for me and rarely resulted in meeting a real person. Even though meetings did happen it was still like a 1 in 50 shot. Even though the section is consensual adults only (and what I was looking for) cops will troll it when they don’t have any real crimes to solve. They create a crime, a victim, and find some poor SOB to play along, and all of a sudden, they’ve met their monthly quota. I’m sure there are some bad people on there, but I was not one of them.


The FBI agent that ran the sting contacted me not once, but twice when our original conversation did not go the route, she wanted months earlier. She changed her email address and contacted me again a couple of months later. This time she got the conversation she was looking for. After some idle chit-chat, she tells me that she and her daughter are sexually active and suggested I join in. This conversation seemed vaguely familiar to me considering we had chatted before but this happens on occasion, so I just played along. My initial thought was…. another kinky weird conversation…. sigh. Nothing is real at the start and it’s just kinky sex talk. Most people disappear after a brief chat and never meet. The majority of it, especially until you meet someone, is all online fantasy. Anything that a girl (of legal age) wanted to talk about that turned her on… I was game to talk about it. She could have said her fantasy was to have sex with an Oldsmobile and I would have said “Yeah babe… the Cutlass is sure a hot model!” People these days lie all the time and this is especially true when two strangers are talking online and the subject is sex. The only people who argue this fact in modern times are law enforcement. They want you to believe they’re the only ones that lie while everyone else believes them and tells the truth.

FBI Agent