When this law was passed back in 1996 the typical sentence was three years. Then, sometime around 2000 a mandatory minimum was established at five years. In 2005, Congress raised it to 10 years and added a bunch of upward departure items. These are items that will add time to your sentencing. Every point adds about a year or two to the sentence.
Things like:
1. Use of a computer or smartphone, 2 points
2. Minor under the age of twelve (real or fake minors), 8 points. This essentially doubled my prison sentence from 10 to 20 years.
3. Testify at your trial and found guilty, 2 points for perjury.
I feel that a scale like this should have some justification to it I would think a person should get more prison time for actually talking to someone rather than over a computer. I also don’t agree with giving twice the prison time for a victim’s age when there is no real victim. We had an expert attend my sentencing (she was not available for my trial) She did a 5-hour series of interviews and tests on me that established I had no interest in kids and that I didn’t need the therapy the government ordered me to take when released. The judge’s response to her was, “Well he has these wild parties where people do drugs, and he also races motorcycles, gets injured, and keeps racing them.” She then says, ‘He needs some kind of therapy so I’m going to recommend it.” She also said that she would give me a break and only sentence me to 19 years and 8 months, and just like that she ended me with a smile on her face. The judge gave me a nearly 20-year prison sentence with no real victim, clear evidence of entrapment (per the judge’s own words), and the indication that an FBI agent lied under oath. This is why federal judges need term limits!

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I filed my direct appeal with the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and a Writ of Certiorari to the Supreme Court of the United States. I had no results with either. I’ve also hired a post-conviction attorney to review my case to see if we missed anything that might get me a new trial. After a thorough review, he said we made the right decision to go to trial but there was nothing else I could do to change the conviction. The biggest problem with federal appeals is that you are asking one federal agency (circuit appellate courts) to police another federal agency (district courts) so there is a huge conflict of interest.

I can’t say I fundamentally disagree with sting operations, but these types of stings are ridiculous. I mean I got a 20-year sentence for saying something stupid to someone I’d never met nor was I planning ever to meet at the time I said it. Cops, especially FBI agents, need arrests to keep their departments open and relevant. Sometimes they contact law-abiding citizens and induce them into a conversation that ultimately turns into criminal conduct. In my case, a female FBI agent manipulated me into saying something stupid when I described a perfect night for her. Politics trump justice in this country and cops know it. If they arrest someone (especially a professional male) for a charge with the word “child” in it they become a hero. Prosecutors love it because it’s an easy win and no judge wants the reputation for going easy on sex offenders. It also takes a very brave person to support someone (this includes attorneys…. thanks Heather) fighting this.


I seriously doubt if all the guys they arrest for this, are an actual threat to society. I know I never was. I just knew I was being jerked around by someone and was not going to give up until I figured out who it was. I know a lot of real/actual child molestation cases go unreported. However, you cannot exact vengeance on innocent people because so many guilty people go unpunished. The FBI dug extensively into my background and found no evidence of anything happening, or even an attempt at making anything happen with a minor. I told a woman what she wanted to hear from me so she would be interested in me. That is all I am guilty of here. I take responsibility for putting myself out there and living a pretty wild “swingle” life, but I am NOT GUILTY of this! Just like the ‘Thought Police’ in George Orwell’s book 1984 our modern-day FBI is prosecuting thought crimes. Prosecutors will claim they are not criminalizing thought because a message was typed via text or email. Well, I’m not sure about everyone else out there but sometimes I send a text before I even think about it.

My date with me at the 2016 CMRA (motorcycle racing) banquet was 34-year-old a single mom with a 12-year-old daughter. A couple of days before the banquet she said she needed to pick up an extra shift of work that day, so she could make enough money to buy her daughter a camera for her birthday. I told her not to worry and that I would buy the camera for her because I liked this girl and wanted to score points. On the day of the banquet, we bought her daughter the camera she wanted. I never met her daughter, and never asked to. That is real life Craig. Think about that situation and how it relates to this one. I am not interested in children, and it sickens me to have to say this.

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I’m finally starting to see the FBI take some heat in the press for their corrupt practices. The latest is the case involving General Michael Flynn. FBI agents questioned him without an attorney present to trap him into saying something that conflicted with a wire-tapped conversation. He was charged and pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. Fortunately, the agents were exposed and the case was recommended for dismissal. Maybe if they would start prosecuting the FBI for acts like this innocent people would not have their lives destroyed. We’re finally starting to see regular police face justice in the deaths of George Floyd and Rasyhard Brooks. I’m not here to pronounce guilt or innocence in those cases but a lot of what we are seeing these days is due to years of a lack of police oversight and qualified immunity.

Convicted of Sex Crimes, but With No Victims (Published 2020)

By Michael Winerip, August 26, 2020. An online sting operation to catch child predators snared hundreds of men. What were they guilty of?

Please Google for the article about by Michael Winerip. This is not the exact situation as mine but it is very similar and it shows an over reach by law enforcement to get a conviction.