Sex Offenders

I understand we need to protect our children, but the Federal Government’s intervention in the social problem that families have is not the answer. Just like parents teach their children not to talk to strangers in the real world, they should expand that to online as well. Secondarily while the intention of some federal laws makes sense, implementation is typically a huge mess when it comes to the Federal government. Real life isn’t like the movies, and you can’t sentence citizens for pre-crime. I feel like I am being punished for guys like Nassar, some football coaches, priests, and a multitude of deranged dads and uncles who never get caught for their actual crimes. Although this has nothing to do with my case, I also don’t believe in putting a guy in prison for 5, 10, or 20 years for downloading something on a computer. Make sure their kids (if any) are safe and get them some counseling but don’t ruin their life for a stupid mistake. I could go on and on, but the federal “justice” system is corrupt and broken. If you murder or attempt to murder someone you have a better chance at justice as long as it is in state court. You certainly get treated more fairly by cops, jurors, and former friends on the outside. When people hear of a crime with the word child in it, whether real or fake, they automatically think the person is guilty because they think about protecting their children. That is part of the reason law enforcement can go as far as they go and the punishment is so harsh. Well, what if it was your child, brother, or cousin that got caught up in something like this? Or, what if you were in my shoes? You firmly believe (as do others) that you are innocent of a crime, yet you have been convicted and sentenced to 20 years for it. Would you even want to live? It hurts knowing (well thinking) I had hundreds of friends I thought I could count on disappear. The are people I’ve vacationed with, traveled all around the world with, people with kids that I’ve helped and have helped me, etc. However, what’s even more surprising is the number of real friends who have stepped up and offered to help me. You guys know who you are and I’m forever grateful. The accusation of being a child predator by anyone (much less some corrupt cop that said much worse things than I did.)

I want everyone to know this: any of my friends could have trusted their kids with me and never would have to worry about them. If you question this, you do not know me at all. This is God’s truth.

I’m not trying to sound racist but generally speaking I believe Caucasian sex offenders have a more difficult time in prison than any other group. Ironically, the most judgmental group of people with a sex offense are other white inmates. White guys are also the minority in prison because we all know how unfair the American justice system treats minorities. Sex offenders are pretty easy to discern from other white inmates due to our lack of neck and face tattoos. You won’t find too many white-collar crime guys doing time here because most of those guys got less than 10 years and with no public safety factors, they go to a camp instead of a low. Typically the only white-collar guys that get more than 10 years are people they want to make an example out of (think Enron executives) or guys that went to trial. Non-violent sex offenders who received a sentence of 20 years or less usually go to a low-security prison. 

The reason for this is that all sex offenders are considered a public safety factor (because we are considered a threat to society) so we are kept behind 2 razor-wire fences with around-the-clock sentries and supervision by officers. This means it costs much more to house us which translates into more money for the BOP. Guys with drug offenses with less than 10-year sentences generally go to a camp unless they have a violent crime with a public safety factor. We have a wide variety of criminals here. It has been my observation that the Mexican and black inmates tend to adapt to prison a little better. They generally seem happier with close-quarters confinement and seem to enjoy constant noise. Even though this place is a low-security prison there are still gangs here but they don’t run the prison like they do in higher-security prisons. I’ve seen 2 people get slocked (that would be a combination lock stuffed inside a sock used as a weapon) and one gets shanked. 

Sex Offender